When making the tough decision to part ways with an employee, you care about them and know it is scary for them to find out they are losing their job.

Our outplacement packages will help your former employee with their career transition, so they find a fulfilling new career.

Pain Points:

  • Ineffective termination meetings where the affected employee is treated poorly
  • Leaders who need to terminate feel scared and nervous for the meeting
  • Terminated employees feel dumped to the curb and treated as objects when they no longer fit your needs
  • Terminated employees are experiencing grief at the sudden loss of employment
  • Terminated employees are scared and fearful to re-enter the job marketplace, not knowing where to begin
When you know you need to terminate an employee, getting ready for the meeting can be incredibly stressful and nerve-wracking. You feel bad for sending them into a scary and unpredictable job marketplace. You worry that they will be scared. Then you ask yourself, how can you make sure the termination meeting goes smoothly so the employee isn’t distracted by bad feelings? Navigating all of these things becomes overwhelming.

These worries and fears are normal, particularly if you are someone who genuinely cares about others. Our worry in a termination situation comes from our wish for people to be successful and happy. You simply want the best for people, even though you’ve had to make a tough decision.

Our Outplacement support will make sure your affected employees get the support they need to find fulfillment in their next career. The job market isn’t as scary as it seems, and we are the friendly face to help employees affected by termination navigate their career transition.

The Value Proposition title ….

Get coached before the termination meeting to ensure you are focused on supporting the affected employee.

Go into termination meetings focused on supporting the affected employee.

Ensure your organization remains respected by the affected employee.

Give employee peace of mind that the transition is beginning immediately.

Terminated employees effectively transition to a new fulfilling career more quickly

Tim Dyck BestInterview.ca
We understand what it feels like to need to part ways with an employee. We have felt worried about making sure they have help to ensure that their next career opportunity brings them fulfillment.

“It had been many years since I had needed to interview for a new job.  The technology, process, and techniques were no longer familiar territory for me at this stage in my career.  Tim patiently outlined what I could expect to encounter throughout the process and tailored a preparation regime to suit my personality.  His coaching explained what the root motivation behind various questions were, how to respond in ways that demonstrated both my skill sets and employability and gave me the tools I needed to confidently market myself.

Thank you, Tim, for helping me get into an interview mindset and being there every step of the way! I got the job, too!”

Steve, Calgary

“Tim was great, not only did he make the best resume I’ve ever had made, but he was quick, caring and thorough. Made sure he took the time to get every little detail and made sure it was done right. Definitely recommend to everyone.”

Mohamed Abadi, Fort McMurray

“Tim was instrumental in helping me secure a role in a competitive industry. Tim made me think about my work experience through a completely different lens, which enabled me to interview more strategically and comfortably in a virtual setting.

I could tell Tim was genuinely interested in my success and was always available to answer any questions and provide advice. Without reservation, I would recommend Tim and Best Interview Coaching to anyone looking to secure their next role.”

Siobain Quinton, Calgary

5 years experience in executing downsizing initiatives
15 years experience of building strong teams using interviews
Have conducted 100s of interviews and know how the best candidates present themselves
Experienced user of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to help resume writers have strong resumes that will attract the attention of both an ATS and a Recruiter
Walt Disney World alumni certified in the same interview techniques used by organizations like Disney

The Plan

Provide On Site Termination Support

Guide your leader through the process to ensure the employee knows they are taken care of and respects for the leader and organization.

Create Job Search Strategy and ATS-tested resume

Provide skills assessment to determine which jobs employee would like to target then build an ATS-tested resume targeted to those jobs.

Interview Coaching

Increase their confidence in interviews so they can get the job.

At Best Culture Solutions, we know you want to be an employer who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of those who work for them, even when it means circumstances dictate you need to part ways.

To care for your people, you need to make sure that supporting them is your priority when you make the difficult decision to terminate them from your organization.

This worries you because you care about the employee and know it’s scary for someone when they lose their job.

You need to support them with someone who can build instant trust with the affected employee to help them navigate their career transition.

We believe that these situations offer an opportunity to help someone find a fulfilling career. We believe that every single person can be fulfilled by their work.

We understand how scary it is to face the job market.

We use our knowledge of effective termination support, resume writing, job search strategies, and interview knowledge to be a friendly face in the scary world of searching for a job.

It works like this. First, we help you at the termination meeting to ensure you stay focused on supporting the employee. We then immediately receive the employee to ensure the transition begins immediately. We help them strategize over where to apply for their next job and design a resume that will get the immediate attention of any recruiter. From there, we coach them for their interview, then they get a fulfilling new job.

Let’s schedule a meeting today so you can stop worrying about making sure your employees are cared for and start getting them the career transition help they’ll need.