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When you have to hire, let people go, or create people strategies, the stakes are high. It’s normal to feel anxiety and want to get it right.

Here’s the secret: You already have what it takes to find answers in this tough new labour force reality – that’s why you found this website. Now all you need is the right strategic partner to help you stand out as an employer.

Tim Dyck

15 years’ experience hiring through interviews and building strong teams.

I’ve conducted 100’s of interviews and know how the best candidates differentiate themselves.

Cracked the Disney Code: through working with Walt Disney World, I’ve learned the interview techniques and leadership principles that companies like Disney use. 

I’ve created people and HR strategies for organizations big and small that create clarity to empower their people to drive big results.

Hire Right to Transform Your Results

“If you want to transform your organization’s results, culture, and reputation by using the same interviewing techniques as Disney, you need to work with Tim. He is warm, genuine, and can build quick trust with your team and potential candidates. Tim understands what it takes to hire candidates that will be committed to your mission: technical skill, self-motivation, and internal passion. I highly recommend working with him!”

Dan Cockerell, Vice President, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World (Retired)

Grew our Leadership Capacity

“Leading a successful business was seriously getting in the way of having a life outside of that business. Tim and I worked together on a leadership development plan that helped me include our team in our decisions and empower them. I’m now enjoying life, relaxing and traveling more, and most importantly, our team is thriving! As a result, we are now having Tim help others on our team achieve the same leadership results for themselves!”

Jason McDougall, Owner, Climate Control Ltd.

Hired an Incredible Branch Manager

“Our company contracted Tim with Best Culture Solutions to handle our preliminary telephone interviews for our hiring process.

He provided excellent, honest, and upfront feedback that allowed us to narrow potential candidates quickly, which ultimately led us to successfully hire an incredible branch manager.

Tim’s process has helped us save time and resources in selecting an ideal candidate.

I would recommend any business giving him and his team a call to streamline their hiring process.”

Travis Chipping
Owner, Pro Gauge Mechanical

Got the Job!

“It had been many years since I had needed to interview for a new job. The technology, process, and techniques were no longer familiar territory for me at this stage in my career.

Tim patiently outlined what I could expect to encounter throughout the process and tailored a preparation regime to suit my personality. Tim’s coaching gave me the tools to confidently market myself. I got the job, too!”

Steve McLeod
Calgary, Alberta

Genuinely Interested in my Success

“Tim was instrumental in helping me secure a role in a competitive industry. Tim made me think about my work experience through a completely different lens, which enabled me to interview more strategically and comfortably in a virtual setting.

I could tell Tim was genuinely interested in my success and was always available to answer any questions and provide advice.

Without reservation, I would recommend Tim and Best Culture Solutions, Inc. to anyone looking to secure their next role.”

Siobain Q.
Calgary, Alberta

Deploy People Strategies that increase recruitment, retention, and business success.

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Succeed in the labour market by enhancing your reputation as an employer and increase your bottom line!

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