How to Prepare the Day Before a Job Interview

Dec 23, 2020 | Interview Tips

Ever wonder how to prepare the day before a job interview? What are the steps you can take to make sure you are as ready as you can be for the big day?

It actually is simpler than it seems. Even if your preparation is imperfect, the act of preparing alone will help you be calm, confident, and poised during the meeting.

Here are some things you can do the day before your interview to make sure you are relaxed and ready.

Get your outfit ready. Make sure you know what you’re wearing for the interview and that you’re dressing for the job you want. If it needs to be ironed or cleaned, be sure to do so and lay it out before you go to bed the evening before your interview.

Research the company and interviewer. Understand as much of the company as you can. What is their history? What are their goals? Who is the interviewer and what is their position? LinkedIn is a great resource for this. Knowing this information will help you more easily tie your answers and experience into what they are looking for in the position.

Review or make your notes. Take the posted job description that you applied for and start making notes of experiences you’ve had that apply to the role you are interviewing for. When doing so, focus on how you acted on and responded to those situations. If you’ve already made these notes, the day before the interview is a good time to review those notes. Think not about how these experiences will help you strut in like a hero waiting to be accoladed, but think about how you can use these experiences to humbly contribute to the company you are interviewing with.

Plan your route. Make sure you know where the interview is. Make sure you already know how to get there using whichever transportation method is available to you. You might be driving yourself, taking transit, or even walking. Google Maps can help you with directions for either. It is a good idea to take that route the day before so that it is familiar to you. When planning what time to depart for your interview, add some extra time for any unforeseen circumstances. You never know when there might be traffic, transit doesn’t come, or another set of circumstances.

Write down contact info. Be sure you have the contact information for who you are interviewing with. You can plan your route and leave early all you want, but sometimes things just conspire against you and might make you late. On the rare occurrence this happens, having their contact information will make it easy for you to let them know immediately if things go awry. Employers will be more likely to graciously re-schedule if you contact them beforehand than if you simply don’t show up.

Go for a walk. Fresh air and a walk will help centre your mind before your interview. A good walk has the ability to help reduce your stress and anxiety, give you stronger focus, and ensure you will get a good night’s sleep. All of these things will make you more mentally prepared, relaxed, nimble, and agile for that important meeting the next day. In other words, it will help you apply all those notes and research you’ve reviewed more effectively in the interview.

Get your sleep. Most of us need 7-8 hours of sleep. Make sure you budget time for whatever your perfect sleep is, and maybe add another 30 minutes to that. It is human nature to take this advice and convince themselves they can do it with less sleep. Don’t fall into that trap!

Not feeling prepared for an interview can leave you unfocused during the meeting without you even realizing it.

These tips will help you feel more confident, mentally sharp, and focused as you prepare the day before a job interview.

If you need help preparing for your big interview, I am here to help you succeed!

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