Hire the right candidate in a tough labour market.

Hire new Team Members that are
Committed to Your Mission.

Hire Team Members who increase your reputation
Thrive in a tough labour market
Increase return on your hiring investment

Hiring right takes time and the labour market is crazy right now

When you are hiring new employees, are you using a deliberate process to find the right candidate? If not, what is this costing you in higher turnover and absenteeism? What is the price your company’s culture pays for having employees who only put in minimal effort?

Many businesses find themselves wanting to get more deliberate about hiring. However, with a labour shortage and a volatile labour market, it’s a tough time to be recruiting. Thinking about finding the time it takes to hire right is overwhelming.

You just need someone who has the know-how to find the right candidate confidently.

Our recruiting services can help you find the right candidate committed to your mission—the candidate who will be self-motivated to care for your customers as if it were their own business.

When you tell us the title of the position you need to hire for, we don’t just copy and paste strategies from a similarly titled role. We take the time to become part of your organization and dig into what problems the new Team Member will need to solve for you in the future.

You may be hiring for a role with a common title, but we know that no two roles are precisely alike.

We recruit for your business like it’s our own, using a process that will strengthen your reputation.

Find Candidates Who Buy into Your Mission

Have the ability to conduct a deliberate search

Have someone who has the time and knowledge to search for the right candidate for you.

Increase engagement on your team

Hiring the right candidate means finding someone who will be highly engaged in what you do.

A hiring process that builds your reputation

We conduct our searches in a way that represents your organization well by not “ghosting” your applicants. Every applicant will find out if they got the job or not.

Hi, I’m Tim and I am Best Culture Solutions!


I know the feeling when you need to hire. You feel overwhelmed by the time it takes and not wanting to make a mistake.

The best way to fight this feeling was to reduce the amount of times he needed to hire by taking the time to hire right. I became certified in Motivational Based Interviewing and am now ready to share this experience with you.

Conducted 200+ interviews and knows how the best candidates present themselves

Hired right to eliminate performance management issues in multiple organizations

Cracked the Disney code – learned the same interview techniques used by Disney to identify the right candidate

It’s easy to start searching for the right candidate.

Step 1. Get in touch and we'll have a conversation about your needs

We’ll sit with you to get clear about what problems you need the new Team Member to solve and determine competitive compensation.

Step 2. Create a hiring process that attracts the right candidates and zoom in on the best hires

We’ll post a job posting that signals to the right candidates. Qualified applicants will be interviewed using a process that determines who is motivated to help your mission.

Step 3. Onboard great new hires successfully

We’ll work together to create the right job offer to satisfy all parties. We’ll also help you onboard the new Team Member smoothly by facilitating regular transition meetings between us, the candidate, and their supervisor for a year.


Hired an Incredible Branch Manager

“Our company contracted Tim with Best Culture Solutions to handle our preliminary telephone interviews for our hiring process.

He provided excellent, honest, and upfront feedback that allowed us to narrow potential candidates quickly, which ultimately led us to successfully hire an incredible branch manager.

Tim’s process has helped us save time and resources in selecting an ideal candidate.

I would recommend any business giving him and his team a call to streamline their hiring process.”

Travis Chipping
Owner, Pro Gauge Mechanical

Created an Effective Hiring Process

“I had to hire a new team member and quick. However, being in my first year in a managing position, I needed some help to fully differentiate the candidates in order to make the best decision for our team.

Tim arrived at the right time where he helped me build a questionnaire and help me reach the best decision.

Not only that, but he taught me a great deal about hiring and how crucial it is for the team.

We never realize how a bad hire can affect your organization in the long-term!

I feel now that I have all the right tools moving forward and in doubt, I know that Tim is just a phone call away!”

Marc-Olivier Fortin
Partner, Cidre Joli Rouge

Find the person who will buy in to your mission.

It is scary to face the job market, especially with today’s labour shortage.

We use our knowledge of effective job postings and the same interviewing techniques as organizations like Disney and Amazon to zero in on finding someone passionate about your mission.

It works like this.

First, we get clear about the job description and compensation to make sure it will signal to the right candidates. We then post the job on the platforms those candidates are likely to be searching and actively search for potential candidates.

We then interview applicants with the right skill set to determine which one will be most motivated and fulfilled by the job you offer.

From there, we introduce you to the candidate and walk you through the job offer process.

Schedule a meeting today so you can stop worrying about whether you have the right people and start hiring people who feel fulfilled by your mission.


Typical Total Fee

15-25% of candidate’s first year salary, in a ‘con-tainer’ fee model

Engagement Deposit

1/3 of Total Fee

due before beginning the search

Balance Payments

2/3 of Total Fee

divided into 6 monthly payments due at the end of each successful month of employment

How the Total Fee might change

The Total Fee can decrease based on volume of hires or increase if the role is highly specialized

Stop shooting in the dark with your hiring process and start onboarding people committed to your mission!