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I’m Tim

Feeling overwhelmed by constant news of a volatile labour market is a terrible reason not to meet your goals as an employer or a job seeker!

Navigating the labour market effectively can bring yourself and others fulfilment and purpose. Sadly, most people can’t get past the overwhelm of not knowing where to start.

Job seekers hold themselves back from doing the work that gives them meaning. Employers don’t take the deliberate steps necessary to build a culture around the right people to enhance their reputation.

I know what it feels like to finally crack the labour market and navigate it with ease.

I have over 15 years of experience leading teams, recruiting, and interviewing candidates. I can help you achieve the same success I did after digging into the ins and outs of the labour market.

I was certified in the same interviewing techniques used by world-class organizations like Walt Disney World. Since then, I’ve been responsible for building teams and conducting hundreds of interviews. I know what differentiates the top Team Members from the rest — it might surprise you to find out that it’s not only about having a polished resume!

Helping others get into jobs they love is what I’m passionate about. This is me years ago at Walt Disney World, where I learned the power of having great people doing jobs they’re passionate about.

Using effective interviewing techniques played a big part in being recognized as a Recipient of the Bowie Sustainable Leadership Award, awarded annually to the leader who most grows the leadership capacity of the approximately 5000-person Pacific Western Transportation organization.

Being overwhelmed is a terrible reason for people to miss out on the best work of their lives…

Knowledge of recruiting processes is your secret weapon to building a fulfilling career as a job seeker or providing careers with purpose as an employer.

When you know how to navigate the labour market well, you’ll be able to go after the meaningful and fulfilling work you deserve and have the right people in your organization. 

I’ll show you how to get past your fears and get the best possible result in the labour market every single time. When you learn the right mindset, understand what employers and job seekers are really looking for, and have a chance to work with an experienced guide, your results (and career!) will grow.


When I’m not working on building great teams, I spend my time with my wife Naomi and daughters Nevaeh and Torrie or enjoying our custom-built NBA Jam arcade cabinet. I also love to design board games as a side project. 

Why wait?

Why wait? When you know how to get past the anxiety the volatile labour market gives you, you can implement strategies that will help you thrive.

If I can help you step into the next great job of your life, make your next great hire, or help you make a tough personnel decision, I’d be honoured to chat with you about it.

Reach out and book a call to connect and see how I can help.