Strategic HR Management without a Full-Time Commitment.

Have an effective people strategy by having a Part-Time HR Director or Manager in your organization

Are you an organization without HR Personnel that:


Doesn't have the budget or workload needed to hire Full-Time HR help?


Needs long-term development, succession, and training strategies that work?


Is unsure how to respond when any people-related issue arises?


Worries they aren't making the right people decisions?


Doesn't have any HR policies, guidelines, or processes?


Feels ill-equipped to retain your best Team Members in today's crazy labour market?

Get the right amount of HR help for your organization .

Only pay for what you need

Hire an HR professional to work the hours you need. If it’s 5 hours per week, or 10 hours per month, we can help!

An organizational HR strategy so you can sleep at night

Have the expertise in your organization to develop your people and help have a clear map of your organization’s future.

Increased retention in a tough labour market

Have an advantage navigating the biggest people challenge of our generation.

The Best Culture Solutions Philosophy

You already have the foundation of a great organization, you just need to support it with the right people strategy built around your team’s objectives.

We know how it feels to wish you had the time to put good people practices in place.

We can help you make sure your strategy will help your organization thrive and bring the best out of your team.

Seasoned in equipping teams for day-to-day and crisis situations
Successful in reducing absenteeism in teams by up to 95% and turnover to healthy rates
Experienced with development and succession planning

Created an Effective Hiring Process

“I had to hire a new team member and quick. However, being in my first year in a managing position, I needed some help to fully differentiate the candidates in order to make the best decision for our team.

Tim arrived at the right time where he helped me build a questionnaire and help me reach the best decision.

Not only that, but he taught me a great deal about hiring and how crucial it is for the team. We never realize how a bad hire can affect your organization in the long-term!”

Marc-Olivier Fortin
Partner, Cidre Joli Rouge

Time Well Spent

“You will not be disappointed with your time with Tim.
Tim’s style is easy going yet highly professional. He quickly zones in on the hot spots, keeping true to the focus. His approach and method make the conversation easy.”

Thomas Schmidt
IT Executive

Hired an Incredible Branch Manager!

“Our company contracted Tim with Best Culture Solutions to handle our preliminary telephone interviews for our hiring process.

He provided excellent, honest, and upfront feedback that allowed us to narrow potential candidates quickly, which ultimately led us to successfully hire an incredible branch manager.”

Travis Chipping
Owner, Pro Gauge Mechanical Services

How Fractional HR Works for Your Needs

Determine the level of support you need

Sit down to figure out if you need Manager or Director level support and how many hours per week/month is best for your needs.

Provide internal email and tools

Provide your new Fractional Team Member with an internal email address and tools so they are actually representing your organization and not just operating as an arms-length contractor!

Have an HR Professional in Your Company!

Have an HR Representative on your team that creates your strategy and can respond to all people issues that arise.

Having a strong People Strategy is crucial to your long term success

At Best Culture Solutions, we know that you are the kind of organization that needs to be confident that they have the right people strategy to propel your growth.

You need an HR professional guiding your strategic efforts to have that confidence. The problem is that your organization is smaller, meaning it doesn’t have the workload to hire full-time HR help.

You are left feeling frustrated that you can’t find the time to stop spinning your wheels and move your organization forward.

We believe that every single organization – big or small – should have the ability to implement HR strategies that pay off in time and money saved in the long term.

We understand how frustrating it is when things happen in your business that a proactive people strategy would have helped you avoid.

That’s why we’ve created the opportunity to hire an HR professional for as many hours as your organization’s workload commands.

It’s simple.

We’ll work together to determine the level of support your organization will need to meet their goals. Then you provide us with an internal email address and phone number (if required) so that we are a part of your organization. From there, you have an HR professional as part of your organization to create and execute your people strategy!

Call us today, so you can stop exposing your organization to unnecessary risk and start investing in your people to make your organization healthy and growing in the long term.