Is Interview Coaching Worth It?

Jan 29, 2021 | About Interview Coaching

Is interview coaching worth it?

This is a great question. When people are curious about interview coaching, they often know they would benefit. The question becomes whether the benefits outweigh the cost investment.
I want you to ask this question. It helps you know if you will receive full value from my help.

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This blog will outline why interview coaching is a great investment. It also outlines the types of people it is a good investment for, and for those who it may not be a good investment.

Why Interview Coaching is Worth It.

Interview coaching is worth it as a smart investment for a few reasons. Here are four benefits:

  1. Go into your next interview knowing how interviewers evaluate you.
    So many people go into interviews overthinking their answers. They do this because they are trying to look good for the interviewer. Usually the end result from this is that they speak in generalities that do not answer the questions. Interview coaching uses the knowledge of a Certified Interviewer who has conducted 100s of interviews to effectively craft the message of your career story. This inside knowledge will equip you with clarity around how interviewers value specifics. This knowledge will help fine-tune a messaging strategy that will clearly communicate the story of your career.
  2. You can get the jitters out in a practice run.
    The first time we do anything, there is something that catches us off guard that wouldn’t the second time we do it. The same goes for interviews. After you get the first one out of the way, you can start to recognize patterns of how it feels to be in an interview. The second time you do it, you will be more comfortable. This because because you know the feeling and patterns of the interview setting. Interview coaching can help you get the ‘first interview jitters’ out of the way. Every client that has a mock interview goes into their next interview comfortable.
  3. The investment is small compared to the thousands – or millions – that could come back to you.
    If knowing how to effectively interview is the difference between success or failure, it outweighs the costs. Usually, I tell potential clients that it is a process that could make you thousands of dollars. Lately, I have been fortunate to work with a client where the benefit to them will be millions of dollars! When they first came to me, it was unlikely they would have made it past the preliminary interview. They were speaking completely in generalities. They now effectively communicate specifics, and are receiving many opportunities and offers! In these instances, not only is it worth it but how can you afford not to?
  4. Build a lasting mindset that will lead you to sustained success.
    There is a mindset that leads your interview success. People who succeed in interviews have a bias for action and don’t sit on the sidelines. Understanding this mindset pays off in your career and life after the interview is over. It brings clarity to what it means to be an action-oriented person. Once you get that job offer, this mindset will help you maintain success in the job. It pays off in your personal life too!

Who Interview Coaching is a Good Investment For.

  1. You haven’t had an interview in a long time.
    Many people who seek out interview coaching haven’t had an interview in a long time. My first client hadn’t had a formal interview in 20 years!!! If you haven’t had an interview in a long time – or ever – it can be overwhelming and daunting to think about. It shouldn’t be that scary or mysterious. Interview coaching pulls back the veil of mystery to help you understand how to communicate effectively and confidently. Some packages give you a chance to have a mock interview. These packages will make sure that the interview you go to won’t actually be your first interview in a long time!
  2. You are getting interviews but aren’t getting selected.
    If you are getting interviews but not moving to the next stage, interview coaching will give you the extra clarity or insight needed to get there. The most important thing to remember is to not be too hard on yourself. You are doing something right for employers to take notice and ask you for an interview! You may need that last push to get you over the edge, and interview coaching would be a good investment for you.
  3. Video interviews are new to you.
    Video interviews are here to stay, and for a lot of people, they are a new medium. That can be scary, and it shouldn’t be. Did you know that the characteristics of an effective interview are the same on video as they are in person? There are some different simple details and variables that you need to be mindful of. Interview coaching can teach you how to have an effective video interview and to practice it as well!

Who Interview Coaching May Not be a Good Investment For.

  1. You want a quick fix or a silver bullet.
    If you want a quick fix, a silver bullet, or someone to do the work for you, then interview coaching isn’t for you. Hiring an interview coach will not magically get you a job. Sorry, I wish it were that easy. It will still need a lot of hard work and self-discipline from you. Interview coaching will help you focus that hard work so you can succeed in interviews.
  2. People who need help with technical aptitude tests.
    If you are applying for a job where the interview includes a technical aptitude test (ie. a writing or math test) and you want help preparing for it, then interview coaching is not the solution. My interview coaching addresses the conversational interview where an interview asks you questions. Should your process includes this as part of the process, then it may be a good fit for you. If you are only looking for help with the technical aspect of an interview, I am not the right person to help you.
  3. If you are applying for a role that doesn’t follow a formal hiring or interview process.
    My knowledge is around a formal interview process. If we are being honest, there are still a lot of organizations that do not use a formal hiring or interview process. Many companies would rather hire ‘over a beer’ and don’t seem to have a very formal interview process. That works for a lot of companies and is okay. But, interview coaching works best if you are in a formal interviewing process. When a formal process is missing, the company often already has someone in mind. For them, the interview itself is more of a formality. They also often do not have clarity around what they are looking for in an interview. When there is a structured process, the interview weighs more on the decision. There is also more clarity around what they are seeking from the interview. In these cases, interview coaching will be a good help to you because I have knowledge of this kind of process.

Hopefully, this blog helped determine if interview coaching is worth it for you.

Long story short, interview coaching is a great investment for a lot of people, but not for everyone! I want to be upfront with you about that.

If interview coaching is worth it for you, I am here to help!

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