Experience Does Not Equal Performance

Jun 18, 2024 | Podcast

World at Work episode 81 Experience Does Not Equal Performance

“The number one indicator of whether or not somebody is going to be a high achiever in any role is whether or not they are motivated for that role.”

Recently the St. Louis Blues appointed former player Alexander Steen as their new general manager, despite his lack of management experience. While it may come off as a surprise to some hockey fans, it is a great example of an organization embracing the idea that experience does not equal performance. For many leaders, they know that hiring for experience alone isn’t the golden ticket to success. It is more about succession planning, looking at motivation, and understanding the broader implications for hiring practices.

Jody and I take the time to explore a few lessons from this current event. Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Experience vs. Skills: We discuss why having a specific skill set is often more critical than lengthy experience on a resume. Skills like negotiation, analytical thinking, and leadership are transferable and can be built outside traditional roles.
  • Motivation Matters: Understand why internal motivation is the biggest predictor of high performance. Even the most experienced individuals can falter if they lack the drive and enthusiasm for their roles.
  • Passion and Fit: Learn how passion for the organization and role can make an unconventional hire the perfect fit. It’s not just about what looks good on paper; it’s about who will go the extra mile out of love for the job and the team.

Make sure to listen to Episode 81 “Experience Does Not Equal Performance” to uncover why hiring based on motivation rather than just experience can lead to extraordinary results.

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Key Moments

02:13 Hockey team GM selection highlights passion over management experience.

04:39 Inexperience doesn’t predict success; motivation does.

06:33 High achievers have skills, attitude, and passion.

10:00 Why clear communication is vital; ignore baseless negative feedback.

13:16 Value of transparent communication about hiring process and improvement.


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