Good Leaders Act Like Humans

May 23, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work Episode 33 Good Leaders Act Like Humans“People want to know that you care first before they want to know what you know.”

I’ll never forget the day when I truly understood the power of vulnerability and authenticity as a leader. I was hosting my World at Work podcast, and my daughters were playing in the adjacent room. Their lively chatter and giggles could be heard in the background. Instead of trying to hide it, I decided to acknowledge the situation and embrace my role as a father. This small, yet pivotal moment taught me that people appreciate leaders who are genuine and authentic, not just all-business. That was the day it clicked; good leaders act like humans.

It is crucial to show people you’re human and not just a robotic figure of authority. By sharing more about your life, hobbies, and family, you could create a more human-centered workplace. You can create a space where trust and openness are highly valued.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • the key role human-centered workplaces play in employee retention and satisfaction
  • the art of building trust by fostering authenticity and vulnerability in your leadership style
  • the impact of meaningful interactions on an organization’s overall performance and success
  • the need to prioritize human-centric management approaches for a thriving work culture
  • the vital ingredients to cultivate a cohesive and high-performing team environment

This human-centered approach not only improved relationships within my team but also increased overall productivity and morale. By allowing myself to be seen as a person, not just a leader, I was able to create an environment where others felt comfortable sharing their own struggles and successes. This type of vulnerability is what sets great leaders apart from the rest.

Listen to this latest episode to discover why being a human-centered leader is a powerful retention and recruitment strategy. Leaders are not just coworkers, but also real people with families and hobbies.

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Episode Highlights

00:00:07 – The Importance of Being Human in Leadership

00:02:54 – The Value of Showing You Care

00:06:07 – Balancing Home and Work

00:09:37 – Heightened Accountability

00:12:12 – Elevating Leadership

00:12:41 – Creating a Human-Centered Workplace

00:13:13 – Contacting Best Culture Solutions

00:13:55 – Transactional vs. Human-Centered Approach

00:14:13 – Meaningful Interactions


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