Manage Like a Mother

Oct 3, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work episode 51 Manage Like a Mother

“If you look around your organization and you all look the same, you’re missing out. You are missing out a whole bunch of other tools and talents and skills.” – Valerie Cockerell

It is not often you hear people talk about the similarites between eadership and motherhood. Until now. Valerie Cockerell brings her wealth of experience as a leader, mother, and author of “Manage Like a Mother.” She shares about the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership and how motherhood ultimately shaped her perspective as a leader.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) in leadership is not just about having a high IQ.. EQ plays a crucial role in nurturing collective intelligence and creating an inclusive environment. Valerie emphasizes the need for organizations to prioritize EQ when it comes to cultivating strong leaders. She shares her own journey as a leader, implementing techniques like motivational-based interviewing and witnessing a shift in the gender balance within her team.

Valerie challenges the traditional hiring approach that solely relies on experience. She argues that experience is not always an accurate indicator of future success and that self-motivation is a far more crucial factor. Drawing from personal experiences, Valerie reflects on her own career choices and the confidence struggles many women face. She wishes she had known certain things when she was younger, and now she seeks to pass on her wisdom through a forthcoming book on leadership.

Throughout the episode, Valerie illustrates the parallels between being a mother and a leader. She acknowledges that these roles do not automatically complement each other but can be learned from and leveraged. Valerie encourages leaders to create a culture that embraces mistakes, fosters growth, and recognizes the unique strengths of each team member.

The insights shared during this conversation are not only relevant to mothers and women. They are things all individuals seeking to thrive in their leadership roles would benefit from the perspective on. Her message of being adaptable, recognizing diverse skills, and evolving communication styles will resonates with any professional..

Take a listen to this episode and make sure to order Valerie’s new book, “Manage Like a Mother.” With its release just around the corner on October 10th, 2023, we anticipate it will provide further valuable insights and strategies for strong leadership.

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Episode Highlights

[00:05:57] Connecting between leadership and motherhood.

[00:10:01] Learn from mistakes, embrace individual strengths.

[00:11:31] Different ways of achieving tasks are important.

[00:14:51] Fair and balanced feedback for workplace equality.

[00:17:37] Experience is not the best hiring criteria.

[00:21:54] EQ is the most important leadership trait.

[00:23:26] Diversity brings needed talents for effective leadership.

[00:26:48] Simple tools resonate and make transitions successful.

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