Signs of a High Performing Employee

Jun 25, 2024 | Podcast

World at Work episode 82 signs of a high performing employee

“Successful people aren’t afraid to share their credit.”

If you’re aiming to identify top talent or elevate your own career then you will be really interested in an LinkedIn post Jody recently came across. It outlines 14 signs of a high performing employees. While lists like this seem to have a lot in common, this one had a few that were a bit unconventional.  From embracing side hustles to focusing on outcomes over KPIs, we break down what truly sets top performers apart.

.A few examples of the signs of a high performing employee:

  • Side Hustles Indicate Commitment – Employees with side hustles often showcase high levels of accountability and self-motivation. They’re balancing workloads and pursuing passions, which translates to high performance in their primary roles.
  • Rebellion Against Micromanagement = Self-Motivation – Top performers resist micromanagement because they value autonomy. They’re self-driven and just want to get the job done without unnecessary oversight. Trust them, and you’ll see great results!
  • Humility Enhances Trust and Success – While confidence is crucial, humility helps build trust within a team. High performers are often humble, sharing credit and recognizing others’ contributions, which strengthens team dynamics and drives success.

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Key Moments

01:40 LinkedIn Perspectives on High Performing Employees

:38 Employee and Leadership Perspectives on Side Hustles

08:44 Focusing on Outcomes over KPI’s

11:23 Email Misuse and the Impact on Communication

14:02 Balancing Humility with Sharing Accomplishments

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