The Great Resignation One Year Later

Jan 3, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work Podcast Episode 13 The Great Resignation One Year LaterOn this episode Tim and his co-host, Cassie Tucker, talk about a side of the great resignation that you may not already be familiar with. Tim also shares his prediction for whether or not the job shortage will resolve itself in the new year and the reasons behind his opinion.

Episode highlights:

  • What one point of clarity Tim recommends that you prioritize
  • Why there’s been great regret during the great resignation on the job seeker’s side of things
  • What type of lists set you up for success when you’re unhappy with your current job

There are a number of companies that weren’t taking their work environment or culture seriously. Similarly, a number of employees were working in positions that they were looking to get away from.  As a result, there are many people that have left jobs that were not a best fit for them. Now there is a new wave of of employees that are experiencing what is being called, “The Great Regret”.

Make sure you are deliberate about what you do, how you search, and where you go when you are looking to make a change in your career.

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“If you’re always thinking about problems instead of solutions, then maybe that’s not the right place for you anymore.”

“The pandemic made professionals realize that life is too short to be in an unfulfilling role.”

“You want to fix the problem, not perpetuate it.”

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