The Power of Meeting In Person

Jun 4, 2024 | Podcast

World at Work episode 79 The power of meeting in person

“We got 4 or 5 days worth of work done in one meeting that would’ve had to be spread across several virtual meetings.”

During Jody’s recent visit we decided to record while driving between Calgary and Edmonton, Thanks to technology for we were able to safely use time the time to talk about something inspired by our highly productive in-person meeting. There are a number of advantages of face-to-face collaboration in an era where virtual meetings have become the norm. In fact, there are some some tasks that thrive on personal interaction. Amidst our travel adventures to Jasper and Banff National Parks, we share some of the significant advantages of in-person collaboration, especially in today’s digital age. Some highlights include:

Enhanced Productivity: Our in-person meeting achieved in one day what would have otherwise taken several virtual sessions. Dedicated time and focused environment make it possible to get through a complex agenda efficiently.

Deeper Connections: Meeting face-to-face allows for real human connections that virtual meetings can’t fully replicate. The ability to read body language, engage in small talk, and build rapport drastically improves team dynamics and collaboration.

Effective Strategic Planning: For complex projects that require detailed planning and input, in-person meetings are invaluable. We tackled an intricate project and the diverse ideas and real-time feedback contributed to more robust solutions.

If your team has shifted to a fully remote or hybrid model, it’s worth revisiting the value of occasional in-person sessions. The right balance between virtual and face-to-face collaboration can propel your team’s productivity and innovation. To hear more about our discussion and how to leverage in-person meetings for your projects, make sure to listen to this full episode of World at Work.

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Key Moments

01:02 In-person collaboration holds valuable advantages post-pandemic.

03:55 In-person meetings foster productivity and quality.

07:26 In-person connections deepen engagement and quality.

11:27 In-person meetings are crucial for complex plans.

16:25 Remote support enhances productivity during in-person sessions.

18:04 Understanding body language to enhance collaboration.

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