Three Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed by Recruiters Instantly

Dec 6, 2022 | Podcast

World at Work Podcast Episode 9 Three Ways to Get your resume noticed by recruiters instantlyIn this episode, Tim shares three ways to get your resume noticed by recruiters instantly. Did you know that your resume can be used to paint a memorable picture? As Tim explains, the details on you resume help recruiters envision you in the role they hope to fill. Basically, if you can get them to see you in the role, then you’ve got a great shot!

Later, Cassie Tucker digs even deeper into the conversation by asking several valuable questions that call on Tim’s expertise. Ultimately, this episode should not be missed. It gives insights that help save time and energy as you are diving into the process of finding your dream job.

Episode highlights:

  • Why using numbers on your resume is a great idea
  • What people never change on their resume that needs to be customized each and every time
  • A standard restaurant practice that describes how you should approach writing a great resume

There is so much packed into this episode. Every minute teaches you the best strategies to stand out so you are not lost in the shuffle. The best place to start is by pushing play so you can learn the three ways to get your resume noticed by recruiters instantly.


“If you take a little bit longer and put in fewer applications, your applications will be higher quality and will convert to more interviews for you.”

“You shouldn’t be submitting the same resume for every job you apply for.”

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