Let go of an employee the right way.

When it has to be done, Best Culture Solutions can help them find a new role and build a fulfilling career.

When you have to let someone go, do you:


Dread the termination meeting?


Worry that the employee feels treated poorly just because their services are no longer needed?


Worry about the stress and grief the employee will experience?


Worry about your team and want to treat them well?


Want to empower the employee to re-enter the job marketplace with the best possible outlook?


Not want an employee to feel dumped to the curb when they're no longer needed?

10 Steps to a Smooth Employee Termination

When you make the tough decision to part ways, you need to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. With the stress of the looming termination meeting, it can be tough to make a clear plan. This guide will ensure you have thought of everything for a smooth process.

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Let us help you part ways smoothly.

Effective termination meeting

We coach you to be focused on supporting the affected employee. We attend the meeting to begin the transition immediately with the employee.

Gain respect of the affected employee

Providing support during their transition will build your reputation and earn their respect.

Employee finds a new role more quickly

Speed up their process to finding a fulfilling new career

Helping you part ways the right way.


When you make the decision to part ways with an employee, you need it to be resolved smoothly and respectfully.

We know that it brings peace of mind to both sides when you offer help to find their next fulfilling career opportunity.

All employees should be treated with compassion in these tough situations.

7 years experience in downsizing and termination planning situations
Track record of building resumes that land interviews
Coached candidates to interview success from entry-level to executive positions


Genuinely Interested in my Success

Genuinely Interested in my Success

“Tim was instrumental in helping me secure a role in a competitive industry. Tim made me think about my work experience through a completely different lens, which enabled me to interview more strategically and comfortably in a virtual setting.

I could tell Tim was genuinely interested in my success and was always available to answer any questions and provide advice.

Without reservation, I would recommend Tim and Best Culture Solutions, Inc. to anyone looking to secure their next role.”

Siobain Q.
Calgary, Alberta

Poised for My First Interview in Many Years

“It had been many years since I had needed to interview for a new job.

The technology, process, and techniques were no longer familiar territory for me at this stage in my career.

Tim patiently outlined what I could expect to encounter throughout the process and tailored a preparation regime to suit my personality.

His coaching explained what the root motivation behind various questions were, how to respond in ways that demonstrated both my skill sets and employability and gave me the tools I needed to confidently market myself.

Thank you, Tim, for helping me get into an interview mindset and being there every step of the way! I got the job, too!”

Steve M.
Calgary, Alberta

Best Resume I’ve Ever Had!

Best Resume I’ve Ever Had!

“Tim was great, not only did he make the best resume I’ve ever had made, but he was quick, caring and thorough.

Made sure he took the time to get every little detail and made sure it was done right.

Definitely recommend to everyone.”

Mohamed A.
Fort McMurray, Alberta

The Process of Parting Doesn’t Have to be Painful

Get On-Site Support

We guide your leader through the meeting to ensure the employee knows they are taken care of and respects the leader and organization

Provide Effective Tools and Guidance to the Employee

Provide the employee with a skills assessment, build an ATS-tested resume, and interview coaching to help them land a great new position.

Be an Employer of Choice

Feel good about your role as an employer when you help employees move on to a fulfilling new roles.


Accelerated Basic Support Package

1-month of career transition support

A 1-month package that features:

  • Termination and Communication Planning and On-Site Termination Meeting Support
  • Job Search Strategy and Coaching
  • Resume support tested against and Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Interview Coaching and Practice
  • Career Workshop Access
Pricing depends on volume and availability

Extra Support Package

2-months of career transition support

An effective job search usually takes longer than 1 month.

This package will give your employees more space to find the right career for them by providing access to the same services in the 1-month package for 2 months.

Pricing depends on volume and availability

Executive Support Package

6-months of Career Transition Support for executives

Executive candidates receive the career transition help that our other candidates receive, but at an executive level for a longer period of time.

Candidates will work one-on-one with an Executive Coach to form a strategy to fit their career objectives.

This package will help them be deliberate about their next steps to find fulfillment in what’s next.

Pricing depends on volume and availability

Genuinely care for the wellbeing of your employees

At Best Culture Solutions, Inc., we know you want to be an employer who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of those who work for them, even when it means circumstances dictate you need to part ways.

To care for your people, you need to make sure that supporting them is your priority when you make the difficult decision to terminate them from your organization. This worries you because you care about the employee and know it’s scary for someone when they lose their job.

You need to support them with someone who can build instant trust to help them navigate their career transition.

We believe that these situations offer a disguised opportunity to help someone find a fulfilling career. We believe that every single person can be fulfilled by their work.

We also understand how scary it is to face the job market.

Using knowledge of effective termination support, resume writing, job search strategies, and interview knowledge, we are a friendly face in the scary world of searching for a job.

It works like this. First, we help you at the termination meeting to ensure you stay focused on supporting the employee. We then receive the employee at the meeting to ensure the transition begins immediately. We help them strategize over where to apply for their next job and design a resume that will get the immediate attention of any recruiter. From there, we coach them for their interview, then they get a fulfilling new job.

Let’s schedule a meeting today so you can stop worrying about making sure your employees are cared for and start getting them the career transition help they’ll need.