Show them
you’re the best candidate for the job.

Coaching and tools to help you ace your job interviews.


Don’t let nerves stop you from getting the job you deserve.

Discover how you can confidently present yourself to a potential employer so they don’t want to move on without you!

Be the one they want.

You have limited time to present yourself in an interview. I’ll teach you how to quickly and clearly show what a great hire you will be.

Book a call with Tim – see what an interview coach can do for you.

Be prepared for challenging questions.

Clearly articulate how you will impact the organization.

Make lasting impressions with employers that will convert into job offers.

“Tim’s coaching explained what the root motivation behind various questions was, how to respond in ways that demonstrated both my skill sets and employability. He gave me the tools to confidently market myself. Thank you, Tim, for helping me get into an interview mindset and being there every step of the way! I got the job, too!”

Steve McLeod, Fort McMurray Alberta

Stop guessing what the interviewer wants from you, and instead, find out how to make the most of your opportunity.

When you land that big interview for a job that you want, the stakes are high. It’s normal to feel anxiety and want to get it right.
15 years’ experience hiring through interviews and building strong teams.
I’ve conducted 100s of interviews and know how the best candidates differentiate themselves.
Cracked the Disney Code: through working with Walt Disney World, I’ve learned the interview techniques that companies like Disney use. *
I’ve coached candidates who felt prepared, enjoyed their interviews, and landed the jobs they desired.
Here’s the secret: You already have what it takes to get the job — that’s why you landed the interview.
Now all you have to do is strategically prepare so you’ll stand out as the best person for the job.

– Tim

Make the right impression – coaching for every level.

Level one

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Level two

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Level three

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Confidently present yourself in the best light.

Here’s how it works:

Create Your Message

Meet with Tim to plot out all your skills and relevant experience into an effective interview message

Practice with Coaching

Dress rehearsals with coaching ensure you’ll be ready for your interviewers.

Get the job!

Achieve better success in your interviews and learn how to land the perfect job!
The best cure for interview nerves is great preparation. Set yourself up for success with Tim’s coaching.


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Don’t waste your interview opportunities!

No more nerves. No more uncertainty over how to present yourself. Feel easy and confident in your interview – and be seen as the candidate they want to work with.