Getting More Employee Referrals

Aug 15, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work Podcast episode 44 Getting More Employee Referrals

Have standards of leadership because people are going to refer your team or refer working for you to other people based on how they feel like they’re treated, are they valued, are they equipped. – Tim Dyck

A great first step in getting more employee referrals A great first step is to implement a formal referral program. is to implement a formal referral program. That is only step one though. It is critical that your become an organization that people would want to recommend in the first place. That means treating employees with respect and valuing their input.

The next step is to ensure there are high standards of leadership. This is crucial. If our leaders aren’t referable, then the whole organization won’t be either. One way to check in on this is by asking for feedback. That will help you know if you are doing well.

Send anonymous surveys that ask employees how likely they are to recommend working for us to friends, family, and neighbors. It will help the employee net promoter score, which is a solid gauge of our referability. Finally, make sure to survey employees about their leaders’ skills. The results are enlightening and can be a perfect guide to numerous improvements.

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Episode Highlights

00:02:08 – Creating a Referral Program

00:04:34 – Being Referrable

00:07:04 – Standards of Leadership

00:10:18 – Asking for Feedback

00:12:48 – Why People Quit Their Jobs

00:13:54 – Importance of Leadership and Referrals

00:14:31 – Engaging Employees in the Hiring Process

00:15:24 – The Power of Employee Referral Programs

00:16:37 – The Importance of a Referral Program

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