When to Reach Out to a Recruiter

Apr 9, 2024 | Podcast

World at Work Podcast Ep 74 When to reach out to a recruiter

“If you know that you need to make that change and you’re thinking about reaching out to a recruiter, don’t waste any time. But don’t just say, ‘hey, can you get me a job?’ Demonstrate your value to them and how you can help an organization.”

There is no reason to hesitate to reach out to recruiters when you are considering a job change. They are there to help job seekers navigate the complexities of job searching and career transitions with a proactive mindset. During this conversation, Katie and I talk about the value of moving away from the conventional job search approach by becoming more strategic and timely in decision-making. We dive into what to do when you recognize that it’s time for a professional change, how to effectively connect with recruiters, and the nuances of both internal corporate recruiters and third-party agencies.

Understanding when to initiate contact with a recruiter is crucial, particularly when experiencing unease about job security or pondering a career shift. Acting swiftly is key. There is no sense in taking time once you feel like you need to pivot. Put feelers out early so that you can start exploring options before reaching a state of urgency. This ensures ample time for the industry’s recruiting processes.

Once you connect with a recruiter consider how you will work with them. Building a connection with recruiters involves more than just asking for a job; it’s about demonstrating value and expressing how one can contribute meaningfully to potential employers. It is essential for candidates to be forthright, detailing their expertise and desired field. This helps ensure recruiters are pairing them with suitable opportunities. Candidates should openly share their professional intentions and seek positions aligning with their skills.

The distinction between corporate and third-party recruiters is a nuanced aspect of the job search. While both types prioritize confidentiality and client success, third-party recruiters are more often driven by placements. That means they may act with more immediacy on behalf of candidates. Using platforms like LinkedIn enables candidates to research and connect with industry-specific recruiters or those associated with desired companies. This is never a bad way of expanding your  job search network.

Make sure to listen to this episode in full if you are a business professional considering a career move or feeling the onset of change. We dive into when to reach out to a recruiter and how they can help craft your strategic career pathway.

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Key Moments

02:23 Reaching Out to Recruiters When It’s Time for Change

05:48 Exploring Career Options with Specific Recruiters

09:32 Demonstrate Value Over Need

10:17 Effective and Proactive Networking

13:36 Confidentiality and Ethics in Recruitment

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