Hiring Teenage Employees

Aug 1, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work podcast episode 42 hiring teenage employees

“Treat teens as members of your own family or someone else’s family. Remember that you’re talking to somebody’s son or daughter, regardless of their age.” – Tim Dyck

Hiring teenagers for entry-level positions is a great way to bring fresh perspectives to an organization. When handled with care and given the right guidance, their raw energy can be harnessed into a powerful force for a business. Their self-motivation and eagerness to learn make them an ideal blank canvas.

I remember the days when I was a teenager, and my first job was at a signature restaurant at Disney. It felt good to be treated as an adult, to be a part of something bigger than myself. That experience also made me realize the importance of onboarding young talent, regardless of their age or experience.

The best way to welcome a teenager into the workplace is to treat them like every other employee. To give them the same style of feedback, the same expectations, and the same opportunities for growth. It’s about building a culture where everyone, regardless of their age or experience level, feels valued and respected. It’s about creating a space where everyone can thrive, and that includes our youngest team members. After all, every professional, no matter how experienced, was once a teenager stepping into their first job.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the hidden gems of hiring teenagers for entry-level positions
  • Gain insights on designing effective onboarding and training modules for all employees
  • Learn how to cultivate an inclusive work environment that fosters growth
  • Understand the art of managing and engaging teenage employees effectively
  • Unlock the power of motivation in the recruitment process

It is imperative that organizations take the time to get employees aware of and aligned with the organization’s values and work ethics. Teenagers are a completely blank canvas to work with, and when properly onboarded and mentored, they can exceed business expectations and create a motivated workplace. By embracing the energy and fresh perspective of teenagers you can bring a positive spark to any organization.

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Episode Highlights

00:00:56 – Benefits of Hiring Teens

00:03:36 – Onboarding Teens

00:06:09 – Potential Challenges

00:08:56 – Setting Expectations

00:13:21 – The importance of checking in and providing feedback

00:15:00 – Tailoring communication to individual preferences

00:16:06 – Embracing new ideas and feedback from teenagers

00:18:09 – The future impact of teenagers in the workplace

00:20:49 – Revamping the recruitment and hiring process

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