How to Address Being Let Go From a Job

Jul 18, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work Podcast Episode 40 How to Address Being Let Go From a Job

“Your career is not over. It will be true if you want it to be true, if you let yourself keep thinking that. But it’s not true.”

It is challenging navigating conversations where you are asked to address being let go from a job. While there are new opportunities or a chance to explore an entirely new industry, many people hesitate to take action out of fear of what people will ask them about their previous role. During this episode I share perspective on how to move forward after being let go from a job and how to navigate the job search process with confidence.

Listen to this episode to discover:

  • new approaches to regaining confidence and setting career paths right, post-job termination
  • methods to outsmart anxiety and self-doubt while seeking new job roles
  • tips to address periods of unemployment and to be open about prior professional experiences in interviews
  • the value in accentuating your personal development and lessons taken from job losses
  • the significance of focusing on the good elements of previous jobs when conversing during interviews

Being let go from a job is not the end of your career. If you find yourself in this situation continue applying for new opportunities. There is a lot of value in self-awareness, so take advantage of the knowledge you gain during the experience. Use setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning. If you need support building confidence and navigating difficult conversations surrounding job transitions please reach out using my email or website below.

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Episode Highlights

00:03:12 – Being Let Go from a Job

00:07:18 – Addressing Being Let Go in an Interview

00:09:38 – The Value of Growth and Self-Awareness

00:11:38 – Considering Leaving a Job

00:13:04 – Leaving a Job or Seeking New Opportunities

00:14:17 – Overcoming Setbacks and Owning It

00:14:47 – Avoid Speaking Negatively About Previous Companies

00:15:24 – Learning from Mistakes and Providing Constructive Feedback

00:16:28 – Building Confidence and Adding Value

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