How to Tell Someone They Didn’t Get the Job

Apr 25, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work Podcast Episode 29 How to Tell Someone They Didn't Get the Job“If you focus on what you should say, you won’t have to worry about what you don’t have to say or what you shouldn’t say.”

In a recent World at Work podcast episode, Jody and I explore the crucial role of transparency in the hiring process, especially for candidates who were not selected for a position. Jody has a personal experience with a transparent hiring process. He was given clear feedback despite not getting the job, which unfortunately isn’t the case for many people.

During this episode we discuss the importance of setting expectations, sharing specific criteria, and offering constructive feedback to unsuccessful candidates. By doing so, candidates can better understand the decision-making process and use the feedback to improve their skills for future opportunities. Don’t dismiss the positive influence of open communication on a company’s reputation and the need for guiding leaders on effective interview techniques.

In this episode, we help you:

  • Uncover the crucial role transparency plays in streamlining the hiring process.
  • Discover how crystal-clear communication sets the stage for candidate expectations.
  • Explore the ingenious applications of scoring systems to evaluate interview performance.
  • Delve into the necessity of providing thorough feedback to unsuccessful applicants.
  • Master the art of effective interview techniques by coaching leaders in your organization.

A leaders determination to be transparent and honest with job applicants often leads to unexpected outcomes – from building better relationships with applicants to a more robust talent pipeline. Listen to learn more surprising benefits this commitment to transparency provides.

“Clarity wins every time.”

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Episode Highlights

00:02:50 – there are several reasons why hiring managers may procrastinate on giving feedback to unsuccessful job candidates. It is important to not put it off to maintain a good reputation.
00:04:14 – hiring managers should commit to a follow-up date with job candidates and to keep them informed of any delays or changes.
00:06:34 – use a motivational-based interviewing scoring system to determine the best fit for a role. Be honest with job candidates about their fit for the role, while also maintaining a positive and respectful tone.
00:09:21 – examples of receiving a job offer and feedback on unsuccessful job interviews. Positive and respectful feedback has an impact on job candidates, even when they do not get the job.
00:12:35 – referrals are important and can add value to your pipeline. Every little bit counts, and these extra people are going to be self-motivated to work with you because they’ve heard good things.
00:13:10 – transparency in the hiring process is essential to provide clarity to candidates.
00:15:22 – transparency doesn’t mean you can share every detail with every person. There are legal experts who will tell you what you shouldn’t say. Focusing on what you should say and being honest and transparent about the criteria and the scoring system will prevent you from saying something you shouldn’t.
00:16:51 – giving feedback to candidates who didn’t get the job is essential. It’s an opportunity to provide specific prescriptive advice on how they can do better next time. Providing this feedback will help them in their future interviews and will prevent them from making the same mistakes again.
00:19:24 – take personal responsibility as a leader and let candidates know when they didn’t get the job.

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