One Year of World at Work

Oct 24, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work episode 54 One Year of World at Work

“This is a great exercise for many reasons, not the least of which is that, people get to learn.  Actually, it has also made me, better at what I do.”

It’s incredible how time flies when you’re busy creating valuable content and engaging with listeners. Podcasting has allowed me to offer value beyond my business while also making me better at what I do. The spontaneous and unscripted nature of conversations keeps me on my toes, challenging me to constantly improve my knowledge and communication skills. It’s a rewarding experience that helps me provide better insights to my clients and listener.

Throughout the past year, I’ve realized that the core principle of success in leadership, recruitment, and retention remains unchanged. Hiring the right people, providing proper training, and treating them with clarity, respect, and fairness is the key to winning. Although the methods may evolve, the importance of prioritizing people will never fade. It’s a reminder that everything we do ultimately revolves around the people we work with.

Releasing episodes every week for the past year has taught me the power of consistency. It’s remarkable how time flies in the fast-paced world of podcasting. This experience has reinforced the value of showing up regularly, delivering valuable content, and building a loyal audience. Consistency not only helps us grow as content creators but also builds trust and credibility with our listeners. It’s an essential ingredient for success in any endeavor.

I’m grateful to everyone who has been a part of this wonderful podcasting journey. Your support and engagement have been invaluable. Here’s to another year of creating winning cultures and fulfilling careers together.

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Episode Highlights

[00:02:49] Time goes quickly when focused on creating.

[00:05:10] Not rehearsing forces me to improve and stay adaptable.

[00:09:02] Remote became prevalent during pandemic, now shifting back to in-office.

[00:11:35] Preference for remote work, flexibility and accountability.

[00:17:11] Partnerships and continued growth that come with podcast.

[00:19:50] Appreciation to listeners.

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