Shift Your Mindset from Risk to Opportunity

Jun 27, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work Podcast episode 39 shift your mindset from risk to opportunity“Regret is not worth the price paid to avoid risk.”

It took me five years from  knowing he needed to make a career change to actually doing it.  The mental challenges I faced were unexpected, yet not uncommon. That is why Katie Currens and I discuss our experience overcoming those challenges iShift Your Mindset from Risk to Opportunityn hopes of helping others avoid the same mistake.

Never underestimate the value of a healthy mindset in creating the life you desire. By shifting your mindset, you can overcome the fear of risk and discover meaningful work that aligns with your values and goals. Together, we’ll explore practical strategies to shift the way you look at risk and empower you to take the necessary steps towards achieving the result you desire: a fulfilling career that brings you joy and purpose.

In this episode, you will:

  • Discover effective steps to successfully navigate a career change and reach your goals
  • Uncover the significance of cultivating a resilient mindset to triumph over any obstacles in your journey
  • Explore targeted strategies for identifying a fulfilling career path tailored to your passions and talents
  • Learn the importance of surrounding yourself with trusted confidants who can offer invaluable support during your career transition
  • Find ways to create a nurturing and motivating work environment where employees feel valued and appreciated

Do you feel trapped in a job you don’t enjoy? Are you ready to find work that truly fulfills you? Make sure to listen to this episode as Katie and I discuss the mental challenges that some when taking risks to pursue your passion.

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Episode Highlights

00:01:23 – Breaking Out of the Rut

00:05:14 – Shifting Mindset

00:08:46 – The Price of Regret

00:11:09 – Deliberate Action

00:13:59 – Overcoming the Fear of Being in a Single Income House

00:15:15 – Finding Direction in Your Career

00:16:39 – Pursuing Your Passion

00:17:52 – Contacting Best Culture Solutions

00:18:23 – Serving the Person You Once Were

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