The Power of Hiring Retired Employees

Aug 8, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work Episode 43 The Power of Hiring Retired Employees

“Retired people do not have to be there. They want to be there. And they typically apply because they love the product in some way. And so you’re going to get that passion to come out every time.”

There is not enough conversation about the power of hiring retired employees. Bringing retired employees on board should not just be a solution for seasonal staffing needs. It is a unique opportunity to bring a wealth of experience, wisdom, and passion into the workplace.

Jody and I find that retired employees bring a unique perspective, motivation, and a level of care that naturally enhances customer service. Organizations like Disney have managed to leverage this dynamic to build a positive reputation. They recognize that the self-motivation of many retired employees is like finding a hidden treasure chest.

Conversations with retired leaders like Lee Cockerell open my eyes to the impact that retirees could have on an organization. The way he spoke about his second wind in his career and the desire to give back is deeply inspiring. This type of passion is why organizations that have successfully integrated retired employees into their workforce. There is an undeniable motivation and passion.

This conversation really highlights the value of harnessing the wealth of experience, wisdom, and dedication that retirees bring to the table. The idea of having someone who, like Alfred in Batman, knows everything that’s going on and knows what should be done about it, is incredibly appealing. Having a mix of youthful energy and the wisdom of age can create a unique synergy beneficial to the growth and success of an organization. By embracing retirement-age workers, organizations showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusivity. It’s about leveraging the strengths and expertise of all individuals, regardless of age.

If you’re an HR manager or organizational leader who wants to enhance your workforce and reputation, I highly recommend listening to this episode. By embracing retirement-age workers, you tap into a pool of motivated and experienced individuals who can bring a fresh perspective and drive innovation. It’s a win-win situation for both the organization and the retiree.

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Episode Highlights

00:01:39 – Hiring Retired Employees

00:05:28 – The Value of Experience

00:08:01 – Retirees and Company Reputation

00:10:57 – The Benefits of Hiring Retirees

00:13:19 – Focusing on Retirement Age Workers

00:13:56 – Starting the Process

00:14:06 – Genuine People Strategy

00:14:51 – Diverse Hiring

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