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Jan 23, 2024 | Podcast

World at Work podcast Ep 65 Create performance clarity

“It’s important to have clarity around what good performance looks like Just because somebody’s doing something, doesn’t mean that it’s aligned with what the company actually needs them to do.”

It is important for leaders to have strategies in place that help create performance clarity in the workplace. The more clarity the they have, the more prepared they will be when it comes to navigating challenging employment situations. For example, an employee recorded their firing, sparking a widespread debate about the employer-employee relationship. Situations like that have implications for both employees and employers. There are several ways companies can prevent potential issues and ensure a strong company culture.

It’s essential for organizations to clearly define what good performance looks like and communicate this to employees. Having a well-outlined process for corrective action can ensure that expectations are clear, minimizing surprises when addressing performance issues. Create clarity around what constitutes good performance and ensure that employees understand it. Define performance metrics and communicate them clearly to align employee efforts with organizational goals.

Establish a process, such as corrective action plans, to address performance concerns constructively. This promotes a culture of accountability, offering employees the opportunity to improve under clearly defined steps.

Focus on a deliberate hiring process designed to attract, identify, and hire the right individuals for each role. Utilize motivation-based interviewing to ensure alignment between candidates’ motivations and the organization’s needs. A well-designed hiring process can help identify individuals who are not only a good fit for the role but also motivated to excel within the organization.

To hear more about creating a culture of performance clarity and ensuring a successful hiring process, listen to the full podcast episode.

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Key Moments

00:57 Controversial firing leads to debate over recording of the conversation.

03:41 Clarify performance issues with employees.

06:39 Hiring the right person is essential for performance.

10:26 Create a well-designed hiring process, such as motivation-based interviewing.

13:28 Stay consistent with your people strategies


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