Getting Your Team Beyond the Rut

Jan 16, 2024 | Podcast

World at Work Podcast Episode 64 Getting Your Team beyond the rut Jerry Dugan

“The teams that created the culture where you could share ideas freely and discuss them and then make decisions off of that. Those teams perform better than others.”

Leaders that create a safe space for ideas to flow and information to be shared have teams that perform better than others. Jerry Dugan joins talk about the power leaders have to shape an organization’s climate into an empowering place of growth. Or simply, getting your team beyond the rut and on a path to fulfillment. He explains the T.E.N.T concept, which is rooted in building and sustaining a culture based on trust, empathy, nurture, and the thrill of thriving together.

Leaders can be like tent-poles. Jerry shares that proper tent set up in the military requires staking the corners first to provide structure. They are supporting the structure while letting the team, which are like the canvas, remain adaptable and strong. By doing so, leaders set the stage for a great exchange of ideas, collaboration, and shared objectives that solidify the organization’s mission and vision. The T.E.N.T framework operates similarly for teams – stake the 4 leadership practices first to create psychological safety for the team to thrive.

A leader who applies this framework is a facilitator, helping each team member explore their potential within a supportive environment. Try shifting from reactive management methods to proactive leadership strategies. This move encourages self-reliance and independence among team members. As Jerry explains, the T.E.N.T Framework is how you can ensure your employees are leading satisfying and fulfilled lives at the workplace.

Sometimes a role as a leader can feel like wrangling cats. However, getting everyone pulling in the same direction is good for productivity and is the key to your organizational culture. Tune in to the full episode of World at Work to gain valuable insights from Jerry Dugan. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your leadership skills and create a positive work environment for your team.

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Key Moments

07:21 – The T.E.N.T Framework
09:33 – Challenges in Leadership
12:00 – Lesson Learned from Setting Up Tents
12:24 – Creating a Supportive Work Environment
15:02 – The Impact of Leadership Practices
16:25 – Timeline for Seeing Results
25:06 – The Importance of Trust and Empowerment in Leadership
26:40 – Impact of Implementing the Tent Framework


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