Handling Being Promoted to Supervisor of Your Peers

Jul 25, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work episode 41 Handling Being Promoted to Supervisor of Your Peers

I want to hear your voice and amplify what you’re doing. We have the opportunity to shift the narrative internally and create a culture of trust, where everyone’s opinions are valued and heard. – Tim Dyck

There is so much to celebrate when you get a promotion that it is easy to overlook one big transition; shifting from peer to a trusted supervisor. When accept that promotion start thinking of strategies for transitioning from a peer to a supervisor role. As much as you may hope your collegial relationships will stay the same, there will be some changes. What will you do you do when team members start challenging your authority? Katie and I have a great conversation navigating the complexities of transitioning to a leadership role and the unexpected obstacles that come with it.

There are several ways that I have found to be helpful when navigating this challenging shift. One thing that I can never emphasize enough is ongoing, clear, and open communication. That includes recognizing the importance of addressing the changing relationships with peers directly. Scheduling one-on-one meetings with each team member will give an opportunity to have open and transparent conversations. Use that time to acknowledge the new responsibilities while expressing a commitment to support and help individuals in their professional development. The goal is not to assert authority or power.

Another key to building trust when shifting from peer to supervisor is asking questions and actively listening to the perspectives of team members. By asking about their roles, achievements, and areas for improvement, leaders can show genuine interest and value their input. An event better way to build trust than listening is following through on feedback. This demonstrates that their opinions matter by implementing changes whenever appropriate.,

If you’re currently transitioning into a supervisor role, this conversation is a goldmine of practical strategies and tips to help you navigate this process successfully. By learning the importance of clear communication, active listening, and follow-through, you can build trust and create a positive work culture within your team.

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Episode Highlights

00:04:22 – Setting Up a Conversation

00:08:03 – Asking Questions

00:10:52 – Building Trust

00:11:18 – Conclusion

00:12:31 – Importance of Gathering Opinions

00:12:58 – Following Through on Commitments

00:13:43 – Building Trust through Transparency

00:14:16 – Opening the Floor for Conversation

00:14:47 – Contacting Tim for Assistance

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