How to Prep for a Video Interview

Dec 27, 2022 | Podcast

World at Work Podcast Episode 12 How to Prep for a Video Interview

Would it surprise you to find out that over 80% of interviews are done via video nowadays? That’s a big number!

In this episode Tim shares his best insights that range from how to show up for a video interview, to how to end one properly. And, of course, there are lots of great tips in between.

Episode highlights:

  • Why you should pause for 5-7 seconds before speaking
  • How to use body language on video to build trust
  • Why finding the END MEETING button helps you reduce awkwardness

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“Give people you’re listening to the feeling and the opportunity to be listened to fully.”

“An interview, whether online or in person, sets the precedence for how you’re going to perform if hired.”


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