Meaningfully Networking in Your “Dream Company”

Jul 22, 2021 | Career Advice, Career Transition, Job Search Help

Have you ever had that one “Dream Company” that you’ve always wanted to work for? The one with the attractive corporate culture? Or maybe, there’s a company that does fun things that you want to be part of?

Maybe it’s a place where you genuinely think that you can positively impact and develop skills to help you in your career.

Have Tim help you get the job with your “dream company”!

Well, there’s good news if this sounds like you. There has never been a better time to “go for it” at the company you’ve always dreamed of working at.

Companies are ramping back up their staffing levels as we climb out of the pandemic. There are many jobs open at all companies right now, meaning that the chances are high that there are more opportunities than usual at your “Dream Company,” as well.

Adding to this is the “Great Resignation.” Depending on which survey you read, over 40%-50% of workers are considering leaving their jobs! Many of them are in good positions but want a change to something that may suit them better.

These two factors are contributing to there being many more job openings than usual. There is a great chance your “Dream Company” has many job openings right now. Now is your opportunity.

Here’s some advice to help you genuinely connect with a company you dream of working for!

Reach Out to Someone

Reach out to someone credible in the organization, introduce yourself, and let them know that you are interested in working for their organization one day. Share with them why you want to join the organization and how you can contribute. End by asking them if they have any advice on how to find a role in their organization.

Lots of people make the following mistake. Instead of simply asking for advice, they ask that person to help them get a job. By asking them to help you bypass the formal hiring process, you demonstrate to that person a desire to get something for yourself and that you want to take shortcuts in finding a role there.

You need to demonstrate instead that you’d like to make a positive contribution. And it has to be a genuine desire to make that contribution. Asking for advice indicates that you are willing to do the work required to find a place in that organization based on your merit and qualifications. Because of this, it demonstrates your genuineness in wanting to be part of their company.

Action Any Advice You Receive

From here, take action on the advice you’ve received. Once you’ve done so, kindly report back that you followed through. Reporting back your actions will demonstrate your earnest genuineness in wanting to be a part of their team. Also, people like helping people, and it fulfills them when genuine people act on their advice.

Form a Genuine Relationship​, but Don’t Force It!

Throughout these conversations, seek a natural way to get to know that person better through dialogue. Ask them for updates on how things are going for them and follow up on personal items they share with you. Don’t force chemistry that may not be there. Politely thank the person and action any advice they may give you.

If there is genuine relationship chemistry, a meaningful relationship will blossom whenever you connect with that person.

Speaking from experience, having met someone by asking for genuine advice has yielded something far more valuable to me than any dream job could ever give. That is a meaningful relationship with someone outside of my family, one of the most loveable people I know and has become a mentor, confidant, and faithful friend. He is the catalyst for having started Best Interview Coaching!

There is immense power in genuine interactions.

The key to networking in your “Dream Company” is to do so genuinely.

If you are networking solely to further your agenda or career, you will likely not succeed in the long term.

You must be genuinely interested in the person and the job for the right reasons. No amount of coaching or acting can help you fake this. If your intentions are not genuine, people will know.

Make sure you are doing this because you believe you can contribute to your “Dream Company.” If not, it’s okay. There are other dreams out there that will have your genuine attention.

If you are genuine and take a genuine interest in the company and the people you network with, then this is an opportunity where you can make a positive impact on others.

Following these networking tips will help create that opportunity for you.

If you need any help navigating approaching your “Dream Company,” I am here for you!

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