Motivation Based Interviewing

Feb 27, 2024 | Podcast

World at Work episode 69 Motivation Based Interviewing

“When you’re a customer dealing with something, it’s a huge difference when you have a passionate problem solver versus somebody who just says, ‘I can’t. It’s beyond my control’, or they just don’t care.”

Motivation-Based Interviewing (MBI) can revolutionize the way you hire and retain exceptional talent. Carol Quinn is the creator of motivation-based interviewing. She is an ‘Attitude Revolutionist’. With Carol’s guidance, companies don’t just grow; they evolve. Retaining satisfied customers and nurturing lasting loyalty takes work. You can make that work a little less challenging by using MBI to bring passionate, driven problem solvers into the organization.

Hiring right is paramount. The success of an organization rests on the quality of hires. Carol Quinn emphasizes that no amount of employee engagement investment can rectify poor hiring decisions.

Attitude & Passion Over Skills: Skills are teachable, but attitude and passion are intrinsic. Focusing on these during the hiring process can uncover true high performers. Those are the people who have the skills and bring self-motivation. They have a knack for successfully addressing obstacles through their exceptional customer service and problem-solving.

Many companies spend big $$$ on employee engagement only to ignore their shaky hiring foundation. Using MBI doesn’t only improve the quality of hires—it leads to tangible results such as lower turnover, heightened retention, and a stronger bottom line. interviewer effectiveness is rarely measured. Without proper training, you might just hire a dud.

It’s a transformative mindset, and for any businesses out there, it’s worth considering. Think about it; it’s the motivation that pushes high performers to excel beyond their comfort zones. Those are the ones propelling your business to new heights!

Listen to this episode to learn more about MBI, improve your team’s hiring process, and start selecting candidates who will truly excel. Stop wasting resources on ineffective hiring and start building your dream team today.

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Key Moments

02:21 Motivation Based Interviewing as an Innovative Hiring Strategy

04:11 High Performers and Self-Motivation.

07:39 3 Ways to Enable Problem Solving at Higher Level

10:20 Hiring Based on Attitude and Passion Matters.

14:56 MBI Training and Hiring Processes

22:24 Workplace Retention Challenges and Strategies

25:18 MBI is Essential for Operational and Bottom-Line Success.

27:56 Interviewers are Crucial but Don’t Expect People to Change

33:15 Importance of Continuous Learning

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