Navigating the Workplace When Your Position is Changed

Feb 20, 2024 | Podcast

World at Work episode 68 Navigating the Workplace When Your Position is Changed

“It’s good to be open about what your potential is, and it’s good to be open about learning new things.”

Navigating unexpected changes in your role at work can bring a number of challenges. It also has the chance to bring rewards. Changes within an organization can give employees an opportunity for growth and learning in new roles. Sometimes, a shift in your role can be a compliment, showcasing that your employer trusts you to take on new challenges.

When facing a significant change in your role or responsibilities, it’s crucial to ask yourself important questions about the impact on your energy, skills, and passion. Having a keen sense of elf-awareness can guide your decision-making process.

Communicate with your employer about your strengths, interests, and concerns. Open communication can lead to opportunities for personal and professional growth within your organization. Don’t hesitate to voice your skills, passions, and interests to your employer. It helps them understand where you can best contribute and may open up new opportunities aligned with your strengths.

Embrace new challenges and learning experiences. Drawing inspiration from the culture at Disney, approach change with a growth mindset and a willingness to try new things. Recognize that new roles or tasks may initially be daunting, but staying open-minded and being willing to learn can lead to unexpected growth and discovery.

Whether you are currently navigating a career change or want to proactively prepare for potential shifts in your role, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice for managing change in the workplace. Need help navigating your own career changes? Connect with Tim at Best Culture Solutions for expert guidance and support. Remember, change can be an opportunity in disguise.

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Key Moments

00:00 Looming job cut leads to job mismatched professional role.

04:31 The impact of change on energy and mental health.

08:07 Keep an open mind and open communication. Offer information to employers about where one can best contribute.

13:46 Disney’s “9 old men” challenged to learn.

14:50 Organizational culture shapes career paths and opportunities.

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