3 Questions You Should Ask Your Interviewer

Jan 5, 2021 | Interview Tips

Ever wonder which questions you should ask your interviewer when you go to an interview?

Pretty much in every interview you go to, if it is being conducted professionally, you will have an opportunity to ask questions of the interviewer. This can be pretty intimidating because you become worried you might ask something that makes the wrong impression or disqualify you from the job. I know I’ve been in interviews before unsure what to ask worrying it would send the wrong message.

This is doubly intimidating if you are put on the spot and didn’t come prepared with 3 questions for your interviewer. Then those nerves about not asking the wrong question are amplified even higher!

What you should ask

The good news is that there are questions you can ask that not only give you real indications as to whether or not the role will fit your needs, but they also signal to the interviewer a willingness to collaborate, learn and be part of the team. They also start to set the table for candid upfront conversations that begin to build a trusting relationship.

Here they are:

What would I need to accomplish in the first 30, 60, and 90 days to be successful in this role?
This question displays a willingness to listen and collaborate with others. You are displaying that if you are the successful applicant, you are here to help the organization achieve its goals. The other thing you are achieving with this question is finding out if what will be required of you is something that won’t interest you or bring you fulfillment.

Who will I be working most closely with?
This question helps make it immediately clear who you directly report to, who your peers might be, and what types of working relationships you’ll need to forge. It helps indicate that you want to start building trust immediately and get to know your potential new colleagues. It also will let you know if something with the role isn’t as you originally thought it was. Having had clients who interviewed successfully to find out afterward they would be reporting to someone other than the interviewer, this question will eliminate any surprises that may come your way in this regard.

What was it like for you when you started here? What were some of the challenges and rewards?
Every workplace has its pros and cons. This question allows you to find out what some of those may be so you can assess whether those pros and cons fit your needs. It also demonstrates to the interview that you want to understand their organization better and hit the ground running if you are the successful applicant.

It can be intimidating when you’re put on the spot in an interview when given the opportunity to ask your questions. Make sure you come prepared with 3 questions and write them down before you go. That way if you are put on the spot, it won’t feel like being put on the spot!

Instead of being unsure of what intent your questions might signal, use these questions to send the right message to your interviewer while gleaning important information that you’ll need for your own decision!

As always, if you need any help, I’m here for you!

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