The People You Hire are Part of Your Legacy

May 9, 2023 | Podcast

 World at Work episode 31 The People you hire are part of your legacy
“If you identify people’s levels of self-motivation properly, you give yourself the best chance to find the best hire that you’ve ever made.”

Are you hiring for yesterday’s needs or for the future? In this episode, Jody and I discuss the importance of identifying self-motivated candidates who leave a lasting legacy. The people you hire will have a direct impact on the organization’s legacy.

This was something I experienced during my time working at Disney. That is an organization that emphasizes the importance of gifting experiences to others to maintain the legacy. That doesn’t come naturally to everyone though. Motivation is a key factor in building a positive legacy. Attracting self-motivated individuals should be a priority in the hiring process.

In this episode, you will:

  • Uncover the influence of employee motivation in shaping organizational legacy.
  • Discover the secret to hiring the right candidates that can contribute to your company’s lasting impact.
  • Experience the power of motivational interviewing as a tool to measure candidates’ self-motivation.
  • Enlighten yourself on the potential of short-term hires to make a lasting and positive impact on your organization’s legacy.
  • Learn why attracting self-motivated candidates is vital for securing your organization’s future legacy.

This conversation will resonate well with leaders who want to build a lasting legacy and improve processes and customer satisfaction. If you find yourself often wondering how you can improve in areas such as leadership, team building, and recruitment, make sure to listen.

“The best way to leave a legacy with your hires is to gauge their motivation from the start.”

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 Episode Highlights

00:01:28 – Every Hire is Part of Your Legacy

00:06:08 – How to Approach Hiring Differently

00:09:32 – Frontline Workers and Legacy

00:11:26 – Advocacy and Legacy

00:12:32 – Hiring Self-Motivated Workers

00:13:32 – Creating Lasting Experiences

00:14:58 – Leaving a Legacy

00:16:15 – Building a Legacy Out of Seasonal Hires

00:17:14 – Motivation is Key

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