Trust Your Hiring Process

Jan 30, 2024 | Podcast

World at Work episode 66 Trust Your Hiring Process

“The proper thing is to find out if this person is motivated for this role. Because if they are, what happened in the past won’t matter. It will not happen again.”

Setting up intentional hiring practices builds winning cultures. Never underestimate the importance of trusting your hiring process and the impact it has on creating fulfilling career opportunities. If you don’t trust your process it can impact the candidate experience. That can jeopardize the candidate experience, creating a lack of trust before they even get an offer.

Having a well-defined hiring process in place allows you to objectively evaluate candidates based on their skills, motivation, and fit for the role. It’s important to stick to your process, regardless of past controversies or challenges a candidate may have faced.

Motivation-Based Interviewing is the best option for a winning hiring process. Utilizing motivation-based interviewing techniques can be a game-changer in identifying high achievers for your organization. Look for candidates who possess the right technical skills, a positive attitude, and a genuine desire to excel in the role. Carol Quinn’s book is a must-read.

Any time you are hiring for a position remember to embrace the idea of change. People evolve, circumstances change, and so do motivations. Don’t judge a candidate solely based on past experiences or setbacks. A thorough interview process can reveal a candidate’s current mindset and suitability for the role.

Make sure to listen to the full episode for more insights into developing a robust hiring process and fostering a positive work environment within your organization. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on a chance to learn how to create a trust your hiring process.


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Key Moments

04:03 Importance of a clear interview process.

06:52 Proper interviews reveal candidate motivations.

10:12 Motivation-based interview identifies top-performing candidates.

13:55 Confident hiring process with 1 year guarantee.

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