What To Do When You’ve Been Laid Off

Jan 31, 2023 | Podcast

What to do when you've been laid offBeing laid off is challenging to navigate in more ways than one. Tim’s here to set you up for success with some great tips and insights you won’t want to miss. He and Cassie are talking about everything from mindset to severance pay.

Episode highlights:

  • What employers do before laying someone off that most often backfires
  • How to avoid worrying about the worst case scenarios post lay off
  • What to do before jumping into your new job search

Tim and his team love assisting job seekers who are ready to get back in the game. To get a hold of them, please use any of the links below. They will be more than ready to help guide you through what to do when you’ve been laid off.

Thanks for listening!

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Email: tim@bestculturesolutions.ca


“Exit with grace.”

“Get past the emotions before you get to the job search.”

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