Five Reasons to Take Your Time and Hire Right

Nov 15, 2022 | Podcast

World at Work Podcast Episode 6 Five Reasons to Take Your Time and Hire RightIn this episode, Tim shares five reasons to take your time and hire right. He share’s his best insights as to why rushing to hire negatively impacts your team, your work culture, and your bottom line.

Tim and his co-host, Jody Maberry, also share personal experiences where choosing a less than ideal candidate caused a ripple effect, in both scenarios, that left them wishing they hadn’t rushed to fill the empty positions.

Episode highlights:

  • How hiring smart helps blind spots come to light
  • How you can reduce absenteeism rates dramatically
  • Jody Maberry’s bonus reason to hire slow that turns Tim’s four tips into five

Listen in to get the full scoop!

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LinkedIn: Best Culture Solutions, Inc

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“There are many benefits to taking the time to get it right.”

“Having the wrong people creates a bad environment, and having a bad environment costs a company money.”

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