How to Combat the Great Resignation

Jan 10, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work Podcast Episode 14 How to Combat the Great ResignationIn this episode, Tim talks with Jody about how to combat the great resignation. He shares counterintuitive tactics and perspectives that will help you improve your retention rates and learn to lead more successfully while doing it.

Episode highlights:

  • how and why to support people who choose to resign
  • what book Tim recommends that can shift your retention rates dramatically
  • how revisiting your value proposition can be part of the solution

Learn more about how to combat the great resignation by reaching out to Tim and his team at Best Culture Solutions.


“Employers can’t take their foot off the gas if they want to have good retention results.”

“People didn’t leave because of the pandemic, they were already unhappy and ready to leave, and they finally got brave enough to do it.”

Connect with Tim and his team:

Website: https://bestculturesolutions.ca/

LinkedIn: Best Culture Solutions, Inc

Instagram: @best.culture.solutions  

Email: tim@bestculturesolutions.ca

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