Signs Your Interviewer is a Good Leader

Nov 8, 2022 | Podcast

World At Work episode 5 Signs your Interviewer is a good leaderIn today’s episode, Tim shares what he likes to call green and red lights that empower the interviewee to get a better sense of what they’d be walking into if they said yes. He shares invaluable information including the signs your interviewer is a good leader.

A few tips to listen for:

  • How to know if your interviewer is providing you with a level playing field
  • What question you can ask that you may have not thought was okay to ask
  • How Googling customer reviews can become an important part of your vetting strategy as a job seeker

Not every situation permits you to have the patience to look for green and red lights, but if you’re able to, you increase your chances of finding a job where you’ll be respected, developed, and cared for.

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“If they don’t respect your time during the interview process, then you know what you can expect while you’re working for them.”

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