Standing Out as a Student

Jan 9, 2024 | Podcast

World at Work episode 63 standing out as a student

“You do have experience. You’re getting it. You might not have done it in a professional setting, but the whole point of school, the whole point of your studying, the whole point of doing all this is to get that professional exposure to gain the skills.”

Students should never underestimate the skills they are gaining in school. As professionals, we can help them recognize ways to own it and showcase their achievements. The value of hands-on experience is undeniable, and it’s key to highlight it on your resume.

Finding your passion and expertise is vital for career success. Whether you’re exploring in high school or transitioning to a new industry, leverage your projects and experiences to stand out. As an adult, guide students by helping them see their unique value. Empower them to acknowledge their strengths and find their voice in their chosen field.

For high school students or early career seekers, showcasing school projects on your resume can illustrate the transferable skills you’ve acquired. Don’t shy away from highlighting your achievements. Navigate the challenges of crafting a compelling resume with professional guidance. Reach out to experts, like our team at Best Culture Solutions, who can help you effectively showcase your unique experiences and skill set.

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Key Moments

00:52 Start creating a resume for practice and future use. Many college students lack awareness and feel inadequate.

05:04 Resumes should list achievements and skills gained in school or high school.

08:45 Focus on ways education and industry experience that has helped find passion, expertise, and voice .

10:49 Vocational settings help gain practical skills and clear career goals.

13:29 Include class experience on resume.

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