Three Things Every Hiring Manager Should Know

Aug 23, 2023 | Podcast

World at Work episode 45 Three Things every hiring manager should know

“Attitude trumps experience every time. Someone who is eager to learn and willing to do what it takes will always outperform someone who relies solely on their past experience.” – Tim Dyck

When I think back to the time I first started hiring, I was overwhelmed with the number of applications I’d collect. I definitely didn’t have a structured approach to sift through them. By establishing a clear and objective hiring process I drastically improved my hiring success. That is why I started helping organizations level up their hiring practices by setting up full cycle recruitment processes. During this conversation with Jody we dive into the three things every hiring manager should know.

First, there should be a clear and objective hiring process in place. Having a process allows for fair decision-making and eliminates the reliance on incomplete information or emotional biases. Creating a process within your organization, even if it doesn’t exist, can lead to better hiring outcomes.

Next, recognize the importance of transparency and communication with candidates about the process. Keeping them informed about the number of interviews and when they can expect to hear back goes a long way in building strong candidate relationships.
Finally, keep your hiring process on track through meaningful organization and tools. Using checklists or applicant tracking systems can ensure no steps are missed. Being organized not only saves you time but also helps you make objective decisions.

Hiring managers often prioritize experience over attitude when considering candidates. It seems to be the trap that catches many people in the cycle of unsuccessful hiring. That is why is it important to remember that experience alone does not guarantee success. The most significant indicator of someone’s ability to hit the ground running is their self-motivation and willingness to learn.

Take a listen to this episode then start implementing the learnings from this episode will help you establish a clear and organized hiring process. If you would like assistance setting up a recruitment process for your company Bestculturesolutions.ca or send me an email.

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Episode Highlights

00:02:03 – The Importance of Attitude

00:06:49 – Having a Clear Process

00:10:14 – Communication is Key

00:13:20 – Organizing the Interview Process

00:13:50 – Starting a Recruitment Process from Scratch

00:14:02 – Get Help With Your Process


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